How Pure UVC Systems Work

With high-traffic facilities in mind, Pure UVC has harnessed a science-backed UVC light system that disinfects contact surfaces and airborne pathogens. Our unique UVC spectrum lights are effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and sporicidal solutions.

custom engineered UVC disinfection lighting

UVC disinfection occurs during times when spaces are unoccupied (i.e. 1-2am or between meetings).

site-specific Programming and safety features

Operational time is estimated between 15min – 1 hour based on engineering analysis and room dimensions.

On-Demand Comprehensive Facility-Wide Disinfection

System disinfects 99.99% of exposed airborne and surface viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens.

Stopping Pathogen Spread in Your Facilities

With near-certain resurgences of COVID-19 and the threat of further epidemics, fighting pathogens in public spaces is critical.

With high traffic facilities in mind, Pure UVC has harnessed a science-backed UVC light system that disinfects contact surfaces and airborne pathogens.

What is UVC Light Disinfection?

For over 100 years, UV light disinfection has been used in hospitals, food processing, labs, public transportation, and water treatment. When pathogens are exposed to the UVC wavelength range (200 – 280nm), their DNA and RNA are ruptured and rendered inactive. Cells become inert and cannot replicate, and thus cannot infect.



Pure UVC systems utilize  254nm wavelength, which is lab tested to be the most efficacious for disinfection purposes.


UVC is 99.99% effective against all pathogens.

This uniquely makes UVC a germicidal, anti-viral, and sporicidal solution for surface and airborne pathogens.  



Benefits of Pure UVC

Pure UVC disinfection systems are individually engineered, programmed, and rigorously tested before and after installation to provide the greatest protection to your employees, staff, students, clients, and customers.  Our team of electrical engineers, lighting designers, programing experts, maintenance specialists, and support/warranty coordinators work seamlessly to provide a comprehensive solution that meets each facility’s needs. 


Destroys up to 99% of exposed airborne and surface pathogens.


Highly controlled systems guarantee operation exclusively in unoccupied rooms, without chemical residue or odor.


Allows for daily comprehensive  disinfection, which is impossible through manual alternatives.


Effective against pathogens like SARS-CoV-2, flu strains, and other detrimental viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

less waste

Reduced  need for chemical cleaners that  produce wasteful packaging and  materials.

Pre-Design & Audit

Type and aesthetic of fixtures are chosen based on the area's existing layout.




Project Initialization
Client provides facility floor plan and completes brief pre-project questionnaire to receive quote. Client reviews and approves to initialize project.


Client-Specific Design
A Pure UVC specialist assesses existing disinfection practices and facilities' special needs, in order to create a custom-engineered solution.









High-Efficacy Design
Pure UVC's engineers create space-by-space designs to ensure maximum coverage, and up to 99% pathogen disinfection for all exposed areas


Programming and Commissioning
Pure UVC experts provide customized programmed schedule and app-controlled presets based on engineered design to maximize efficiency and efficacy.


System Design & Programming

Accurate measurements are taken to ensure that the system operates at or exceeds requirements for comprehensive pathogenic disinfection.




Installation & Support

Our engineers calculate and programs the proper duration of UVC light operation for optimal room disinfection.





Installation Support

Your install team is provided a simple space-by-space wiring diagrams and install instructions. Expert consulting by Pure UVC is available to support the install process.


Post-Project Care and Monitoring
After project closure, enjoy expert tech support, a simple warranty process and professional customer services.  Pure UVC provides continual assistance via bulb-replacements and education on system usage.







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Pure UVC Solution Overview 

  • Full-facility audit conducted to ensure most efficient solution 
  • Fixtures selected and layout designed based on the room’s specific needs
  • Calculation and programming of proper duration of disinfection
  • Programming and commissioning of all system controls
  • Room-by-room layout and wiring diagrams provided for installation team
  • Rigorous testing of all technology and systems
  • Expert tech support, warranty process, and customer service

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