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Hybrid Whole-Room Disinfecting & Air Purifying Troffer

Pure UVC’s patent-pending Hybrid UVC Disinfection Fixture provides powerful purification against airborne pathogens in occupied spaces, and rapid 99.99% effective surface-level and airborne whole-room disinfection while spaces are vacant. No other device provides the same flexibility, efficacy, and safety as our one-of-a-kind cutting-edge solution.

High Bay Hybrid UVC Upper Room and Whole Room Disinfection

Designed for spaces with high-ceilings, the first-of-its-kind high bay hybrid UVC disinfection devices provides 300W of upper-air and surface level pathogens from mounting heights of 15-30ft.

650W Portable UVC Disinfection Trolleys

High-powered UVC trolleys are recommended for large spaces such as gyms, cafeterias, ballrooms, and convention halls. Benefits include low cost, minimal staff training, simple operation via pre-programmed controls, easy transportation throughout facilities, and short treatment times.

Intelli-Safe® App-Based Bluetooth Controls

Our proprietary lntelli-Safe® controls are engineered to maximize system flexibility, occupant safety, and treatment effectiveness via the intuitive Pure UVC app (iOS and Android). Intelli-Safe® controllers are embedded into the Pure UVC line of whole-room disinfection fixtures.

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