Joe’s Place Restaurant Hybrid UVC Solution

December 14, 2021

Our partners at Greenworld Systems implemented hybrid UVC disinfection devices at Joe’s Place restaurant in Marengo, Il to promote safety for diners and staff members.  Pure UVC Hybrid UVC disinfection devices provide two modes of operation:

  • 3 layers of efficacious air purification including HEPA, high-intensity UVC, and active carbon while spaces are occupied.
  • Comprehensive air and surface disinfection via whole-room UVC treatments at night while spaces are unoccupied.

Diners report feeling safer and more comfortable eating indoors while staff and management are excited to return Joe’s Place to the bustling community hot-spot it’s known and loved to be.

Hybrid UVC Disinfection:

Patent-pending hybrid UVC air and surface technology provides safe and highly effective automated anti-pathogen disinfection. UVC air purifier provides quiet air cleaning during occupancy while whole room UVC lighting provides comprehensive airborne and surface-level treatments during periods of vacancy.

Our unique UVC spectrum lights provide 99% or higher germicidal, anti-viral, and sporicidal disinfection when utilized in accordance with recommended dosage treatments. Each fixture is equipped with Bluetooth Intelli-Safe controls which feature multiple safety features to ensure non-occupancy based operation for whole-room disinfection treatment.

Learn more about the Hybrid UVC Air-Purifier and Whole Room Disinfection Fixture

About Greenworld Systems:

Greenworld Systems, based in Illinois, is an installer/distributor partner of Pure Lighting Company.  They are female owned and veteran operated with a commitment to unmatched customer satisfaction, honest business practices, high-quality American-made products, and providing top-tier professional results.

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About Joe’s Place:


Joe’s Place has been serving the Marengo-Union area for over 16 years. Whether you are in the mood for delicious pizza, homemade lasagna, hot dogs, hot soups, or one of our fresh made salads we offer a variety of lunch & dinner items. We also specialize in catering! From our Homemade Italian Beef to our Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce your catering needs are just a call away. Joe’s is also known for our extravagant banquets, with rooms for any size event.”

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