Webinar Overview

  • Webinar Title: UVC and You – Applications and Best Practices for Your Facilities
  • Webinar Date/Time: Thursday January 28, 11:00-11:30am EST
  • Registration Link: Register Here or Below
  • Webinar Overview: UVC disinfection is a highly safe, effective, and hands-free means for improving the safety and wellbeing of a facility’s staff and guests. In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how you can apply this technology to upgrade your facilities in the time of Covid-19 and beyond.

    Topics Covered Include:
    – What is UVC light and how does it disinfect against viruses, bacteria, and mold spores?
    – Applications for the various spaces in your facilities including public transportation, offices, classrooms, restrooms, meeting/conference rooms, warehouses/gyms/factories, elevators, and more.
    – Best practices to make sure your to maximize your system’s disinfection efficiency, safety, and flexibility.
    – Live Interactive Questions and Answers

    Note: Public Schools can utilize the December Covid Relief Package to implement UVC disinfection throughout their districts.

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