Portable UVC Solution for Offices and Smaller Spaces

August 27, 2020

Photo of an Empty Office

Exceeding the guidelines set forth by the FDA and New York Department of Education, our portable solution for offices, conference and meeting rooms, small classrooms, storage spaces, and other smaller spaces is safe, budget-friendly, and highly effective.  A space can be treated against the SARS-CoV-2 viral strain in as little as 15 minutes which allows many rooms to be treated daily by a single unit.  Read on to learn more and complete our brief questionnaire for pricing information.

Step-By-Step: Portable UVC Disinfection for Offices, Conference and Meeting Rooms, Small Classrooms, Storage Spaces, and More

custodian placing UVC disinfection fixture

1) Portable UVC Disinfection Fixture is Placed and Plugged In

A custodian or office’s occupant places the UVC disinfection unit in a prominent location in the center of an office space, and plugs in the fixture.  With a 6.5″ x 6.5″ square base and a height of less than 2′, this unit conveniently stores well in closets or cabinets.

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2) Fixture Is Activated Via Simple One-Touch Remote Control

On the way out of the office, the fixture is activated simply via a one-touch remote control switch.  This battery powered wireless switch can be wall mounted or handheld.

Depending on room size, only 15-30 minutes is required to disinfect against SARS-CoV-2 viral strain.  Pure UVC experts will provide disinfection times for your spaces.

turning portable office UVC fixture on
safety features of UVC portable unit

3) Built-In Occupancy Features Ensure Safe Disinfection

High-end built-in occupancy sensors turn the fixture off if occupancy is detected.  This way, there is no risk in the case of accidental entry, and treated areas do not have to be actively closed off. 

Once the fixture detects the space is empty, it will continue its disinfection until the desired operation time is completed.

Pure UVC Office Disinfection Quotation Questionnaire

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