Pure UVC Nurse’s Office Solution

August 5, 2020

Nurse's Office Application

Technology for the Safety of your Students and Staff During and After Coronavirus

“The school nurse is an essential member on pandemic preparedness, re-opening and re-entry planning teams. School nurses are on the front lines of exposure to students who are sick or who are asymptomatic but infectious (NASN).”

Per recommendations offered by the National Association of School Nurses and the CDC, school pandemic-containment protocols should include, “[Establishing] isolation area(s) to address students and staff with COVID19 symptoms occurring during school hours” and “Frequent cleaning/disinfection of frequently used surfaces, healthcare workstation and isolation area.”

As such, extra measures must be taken in order to keep nurse’s offices and isolation areas safe for students and staff.  Pure UVC systems provide quick, automatic, and hands-off 99.99% disinfection against SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens to help maximize safe usage of these critically important spaces.

Overview of Pure UVC’s Nurse’s Office Solution

Nurse's Office

Pure UVC Systems are Designed for Maximum Efficacy

Experts at Pure UVC work with you to design and furnish budget-friendly and future-ready UV-C lighting for your school’s nurse’s office and isolation area(s).  Emphasis is placed on ensuring maximum lighting coverage and power for quick, comprehensive disinfection.  In typical applications, anti-viral disinfection treatments require only 15 minutes.

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Pre-Programmed and On-Demand Automated Disinfection

Pure UVC fixtures are programmed to provide comprehensive hands-off disinfection on a nightly basis.  On-demand disinfection can be initiated by authorized users at any time via app-based controls or wall-switches.

We provide client-specific treatment times and instructions, so users can comfortably and confidently utilize their Pure UVC system.

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App Based UVC Controls
nurse's office being disinfected

Rapid and Safe Disinfection of School-Critical Spaces

Pure UVC systems are intended for activation during periods of non-occupancy.  Our fixtures utilize special sensors and layers of additional safety features to ensure spaces are unoccupied before activating their research-backed UV-C lighting disinfection treatments.  This means treatments can be initiated without entering potentially contaminated areas without risk to any potential occupants.

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Pure UVC Nurse’s Office & Isolation Area(s) Quotation Questionnaire

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