As our economy opens up in phases, we should focus on making our employees, students and workers feel as comfortable and productive as possible.

Technology such as streaming A/V and disinfection systems can empower us to embrace a collaborative environment, and reopen with confidence.  In this webinar sponsored by Generations Brands, learn five technologies that will support companies as work returns to “normal” post-coronavirus.

Technologies Include:

  • HD Virtual Communications: Accommodate natural communication, remotely.
  • Scheduling and Occupancy Notifications: Visually and simply ensure governmentally-regulated occupancy mandates are met.
  • UVC Automated Facility-Wide Disinfection: Curbing the accumulation of pathogens and providing peace-of-mind to occupants.
  • Health Tracking Technology: Wearables and facility-specific equipment to ensure employees are healthy enough to come into the office.
  • IoT Integrations: The Internet of Things provides integrations of multiple technologies.