Top 5 Technologies Your Facility Needs, Post-Pandemic

June 10, 2020

As our economy opens up in phases, we should focus on making our employees, students and workers feel as comfortable and productive as possible.

Technology such as streaming A/V and disinfection systems can empower us to embrace a collaborative environment, and reopen with confidence.  In this webinar sponsored by Generations Brands, learn five technologies that will support companies as work returns to “normal” post-coronavirus.

Technologies Include:

  • HD Virtual Communications: Accommodate natural communication, remotely.
  • Scheduling and Occupancy Notifications: Visually and simply ensure governmentally-regulated occupancy mandates are met.
  • UVC Automated Facility-Wide Disinfection: Curbing the accumulation of pathogens and providing peace-of-mind to occupants.
  • Health Tracking Technology: Wearables and facility-specific equipment to ensure employees are healthy enough to come into the office.
  • IoT Integrations: The Internet of Things provides integrations of multiple technologies.

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