The Post-Pandemic Design of the American Office Space

May 26, 2020

How offices will be affected by UVC lighting

Facilities will have to learn how to adapt certain safety measures if they want to reopen.

The “6 feet rule” of social distancing isn’t going away any time soon, and the need to reopen offices is clear for many employers and employees across the country. In this free webinar, we examine how critical it is to normalize these measures into everyday work or school life.

Highlights Include:

  • Why our offices look the way they do today and how Coronavirus will change that
  • Why work-from-home isn’t a solution for everyone and every industry
  • Low-tech and high-tech solutions to get back to the workplace
  • How UVC disinfection fits into the future office of America
  • A brief overview of the Pure UVC solution

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FDA and DOE Recommendations for UVC Implementations

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Portable UVC Solution for Offices and Smaller Spaces

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Pure UVC Nurse’s Office Solution

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